This 15 piece brush set was created with the beginner and the seasoned professional makeup artist in mind. We've created a step by step system using basic letters and numbers. The letter defines the type of brush and the number defines the step. For example, you would use B1 as your first step in defining the brows and B2 would be used as your second step for carving out the brow into the perfect shape.


Our Collection Includes:

B1 - EYEBROWS ( Used to Shape and Define for a perfect brow)
B2 - BROW CONCEALER ( Blur imperfections and sculpt the brows )

E1 - EYESHADOW  ( Used for base shadow )
E2 - BLENDING ( Best for blending your transition color )
E3 - TAPERED BLENDING ( perfectly tapered end for defining your crease and blending out)
E4 - PENCIL ( Smudging and smoking out creams/powders especially for lower lashline) 
E5 - DETAILER ( Highlight your inner corner, best for fine details anywhere )
E6 - LINER ( Angled and tapered for ease of applicatin for the perfect wing anytime )

F1 - FOUNDATION (The perfect buffing brush for a seamless finish )
F2 - CONCEALER ( Get in those tight spaces around your nose and in your inner eye with out ruining anything else youve created. Great for hiding blemishes by dabbing )
F3 - POWDER ( So fluffy it will apply just the right amount of powder to set your foundation and create a flawless finish )
F4 - CONTOUR ( Tapered just enough for perfectly difining cheekbones yet fluffy enough to blend out for no harsh lines)
F5 - BLUSH ( perfect size and density to for perfect rosy cheeks
F6 - HIGHLIGHT ( A dense small highlight brush to give the perfect glow )

L1 - LIPS ( Great when using creamy lip sticks )

Lejemalik Brush Set

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  • A travel friendly kit complete with letter coded brushes to ease the application of a full face makeup. Includes a beautiful rosegold makeup bag that protects your brushes, a zippered pocket to hold your makeup essentials and a side pocket for small makeup tools like tweezers or scissors.